Disneyland Limousine?

OK, it’s that time of year again… time to go to Disneyland! Here’s the rub… who likes to deal with Los Angeles and Orange County traffic, and that massively crowded parking lot? Not us! So, why not get yourself a luxury limousine for the day, you and your family / kids will only have to concentrate on enjoying your day in ‘Walt’s back yard’. A limo won’t do anything to alleviate the long lines for your favorite attractions, but at least you won’t already be frazzled from the drive there.


So, how do you get started? How do you choose the limo? Depending on how many people will be in your party, an SUV, such as the Chevy Suburban or Lincoln Navigator would probably suffice. But, if you want more of a traditional limousine, you should choose a Lincoln MKT stretch limo, or a Chrysler 300 stretch limo. These can hold 8-10 passengers (depending on whether those passengers are kids or adults).


For larger groups, an SUV super stretch limousine like the Cadillac Escalade super stretch limo, or the Hummer H4 super stretch limo are ideal choices. They can hold up to 20 adults – or more if some of the passengers are children.


Once you’ve chosen your limo, then you can decide if you want to keep the vehicle the entire day, or just need to be dropped off, and picked up later. Keeping the same vehicle the entire day allows you to leave your personal belongings in the car (for example, jackets for the evening when things can get downright cold). Or you can simply have the limo drop you off, and then have another limo pick you up when your day is done. Option one is more convenient, but option two is less expensive.

Take a look at our LA Limousine fleet, or give us a call and let us help you decide on the perfect limo, and the prefect plan for your day at Disneyland. We are here 24/7, ready to help.

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Sightseeing in LA

It’s that time of the year! Visiting LA? Want to see all you can see but don’t want to drive yourself, or follow some predefined tour company’s idea of LA? We can help. There’s so much to see…

Los Angeles sunset

The arrival: Here are a few things to consider for you and your family. Plan at least a month in advance. Book a limousine or Sprinter to accommodate your group. On arrival, we will be waiting to meet you in style, in the luxury limousine of your choosing, whether you’re flying into LAX, BUR or SNA, we’ve got your airport transportation covered.

The Lincoln MKT limousine has ample luggage space (up to 8 full size bags) for families up to 8. For those with parties of 10-12 passengers consider one of the Mercedes luxury coaches. This vehicle can hold up to 10 pieces of luggage and you have the option of limo style seating or shuttle style seating.


The tour: Consider visiting some or all of these spectacular places. The Hollywood Sign, The Hollywood Walk of Fame, Griffith Park, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, dramatic city views, the famous Sunset Strip, the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Chateau Marmont, Rodeo Drive, the Golden Triangle, the La Brea Tar Pits, the Farmers Market and of course Disneyland.

Grauman's Chinese Theater

The food and lodging: Not sure on where to go for dinner, consider something along the coast: Gladstones, Geoffreys, Moodshadows and more. What to stay in the city, there are plenty of options in Beverly Hills, Downtown LA and Hollywood.

Beverly Hills 2

The Departure: Chose the vehicle that best suits you and your family. Not sure on what time to be picked up , not to worry our experienced reservationist will guide you through the process.

There you have it, from arrival to departure and everything in between we are here to help you. Take lot’s of pictures, see all you can see, and then come back and visit us again. We’ll be ready for you.

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The Holiday Season is Upon Us!

OK, so you know it’s getting closer when you see the Christmas decorations in the stores, and the radio stations start playing those ‘holiday classics we all know and love (well, some of us do, anyway).  You know you need to get your shopping done, decorate, and sort out all those holiday party invitations.  There are always a lot of parties to go to, but getting there can be problematic, especially if you’re planning to enjoy some “holiday cheer”.


We can’t really help you when it comes to choosing the LA parties you’re going to attend, but we can certainly help you get there; in comfort and style – and, most importantly, safely.  No concerns about traffic, parking, navigation, or drinking and driving.  Let our professional chauffeurs take you from door to door, both there and back.  Enjoy some holiday cheer in the limo, including your favorite adult beverage, and some Christmas tunes on the stereo.



There are a variety of limousine choices for your holiday party transportation.  If it’s a small group (you, and your sweetie, for instance), you might opt for a Lincoln Town Car or Mercedes S550 sedan.  Larger group – up to 10?  Then the Chrysler 300 stretch limo or Lincoln MKT stretch limo is a good fit.



Got a few more revelers? A Mercedes Luxury Coach will do, with room for 14 and you can even stand up in it.  Even larger group of party elves?  You should consider the Cadillac Escalade super stretch SUV limo.  There’s room for up to 18 adults.  Still need more?!  OK, then your best choice is the luxury limo bus, with room for up to 40 party goers.

Cadillac Escalade Limo 01


Whichever you choose, you’re sure to have a fantastic party night, and arrive safely back home, in time for bed, so Santa won’t skip your house.

Check out our LA Limo fleet or give us a call – 24/7 – and let one of our limousine specialists get you the perfect holiday limo!


Why Do People Rent Limousines?

Are you planning a party, a wedding, thinking about visiting wine country, or maybe you just want to go to a concert with a group of friends? No matter the reason, there’s a limo for your occasion. Let’s do a little rundown, so you will be a limo expert in no time…



Lincoln MKT stretch limo

For smaller groups (1 to 8 passengers), consider the Lincoln MKT stretch limo, or the Lincoln Town Car stretch limo. Either one is perfect for a ride to Disneyland, wine tasting tours, nights out, anniversaries, Las Vegas and more.



Cadillac Escalade super stretch SUV limo

For larger groups (9 to 18 passengers), a Cadillac Escalade super stretch SUV limo or Chevy Suburban super stretch SUV limo are fantastic choices – for a birthday party, bachelor / bachelorette party, clubbing. The whole group can have a great time, with no worries about traffic, parking, drinking and driving.


For even larger groups (19 to 40 passengers), well, you’re gonna need the ultimate in size and luxury, the limo party bus. No matter what the plan for the night; cruising Hollywood, sporting event, or just a night out with your entire company, when you’re in one of these bad boys, the sky is the limit.


So, aside from the aforementioned vehicle capacities, and possible destinations (you can see everything in our LA Limo fleet on our website), here’s a short list of the 10 best reasons to rent a limousine:

1) Everyone will have a blast!

2) It’s worth it, when you consider all the risks that go with driving yourself (especially drinking and driving).

3) No problems finding parking, no traffic to deal with.

4) Going out to a club? The chauffeur will be out front when you need him, so no long walks to the car.

5) Taking a long trip? Sleep on the way, party on the way, sit back and relax… it’s up to you, all in the comfort of a luxury limousine.


6) Wine Tasting? Enough said.

7) Prom? Split the cost among everyone, and show up in style.

8) Wedding? The bride and groom, friends and family, all can be accommodated.

9) Bachelor / Bachelorette party? It’s the only way to go.

10) Concert with friends? Have the pre-party on the way.



There are countless other reason to “go limo”, but this should at least give you some ideas, so when you call us or visit our website, you’ll have a better idea what to look for when choosing your perfect Los Angeles limousine.

Thanks for reading! See you in the limo!